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Welcome to the Verstreken Lab.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from neurodegenerative disease.  We study how synaptic contacts in the brain are affected in the early stages of neurodegeneration and what mechanisms synapses use to maintain their functionality over their long lives.  We use human neurons and genetics in fruit flies, combined with  biochemistry, electron microscopy, imaging and electrophysiology to analyze neuronal communication and synaptic survival.

11/2015 Microautophagy at synapses to  ‘clean up’ debris. Publication in Neuron.


6/2015 The new Block Face Scanning Electron microscope is installed right behind our confocal room.


2/2015 Our lab will be supported by an ERC consolidator grant  (2016-2020)


2014-2015  congrats to all for obtaining your  FWO, BAEF, EMBO, Marie Skłodowska-Curie or IWT fellowships!


10/2014  We show that lysosomal trafficking is essential for synaptic protein rejuvenation  (link).

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