The lab that is part of the VIB research institute and of the KU Leuven is located in research space in building O&N4 (2014) on the health sciences campus Gasthuisberg of the university of Leuven.  Below is an overview of the heavy equipment in our lab and service facilities available to our lab:



Four imaging set ups are installed in the lab and several others are directly available to labmembers:

-Two Nikon FN1 microscopes with a cooled Andor and Hamamatsu digital camera

-A Nikon A1 Resonant Scanning confocal microscope with 3 highly sensitive detectors (GASP) and 4 diode lasers.

-A Zeiss 510 confocal microscope with 3 laser lines and a META spectral detector

These systems are managed by the Cell imaging core of K.U.Leuven ( and the Bio Imaging core facility of VIB  (

Several additional confocal microscopes (Leica SP7, Nikon A1R, BioRad Radiance) are easily accessible.  Also a new Nikon spinning disk and a Zeiss SIM superresolution imaging system are located next to the lab and are part of a correlative light electron microscopy imaging facility of the Bio Imaging core.



Three electrophysiology rigs are in place in the lab.  One low-end system used for field recordings such as electro-retinograms and for giant fiber recordings in adult flies. Two high-end systems, one equipped with an Axoclamp 900A amplifier for two electron voltage clamp and current clamp recordings and one equipped with a Multiclamp 700B amplifier for patch clamp as well as for current clamp recordings. 


Electron microscopy

Researchers in the lab have direct access to a Jeol 2100 200kV transmission electron microscope as well as a Jeol 7401F scanning electron microscope housed in the EM core facility.  An 120kV Jeol transmission electron microscope is located next to the lab as well as a Zeiss Sigma block face scanning electron microscope. Finally, researchers have direct access to a SECOM-SEM combined light and electron microscope for correlative light and electron microscopy.  This machine is installed also next to the lab. The lab also houses a Leica ultramicrotome for ultra thin sections and a high pressure freezer and freeze substitution apparatus that are part of a correlative light electron microscopy imaging facility in part located next to the lab. Technical assistance in the lab is provided by Jef Swerts.


Human stem cells

In collaboration with other researchers in the department we have set up a dedicated human stem cell lab. Technical support for molecular biology to manipulate these cells is provided by Nils Schovaerts and help with differentiation of the cells is provided by Jelle Beyens in the lab.


Drosophila injection service

A dedicated injection set up to inject Drosophila embryos to manipulate the genome is set up in the lab. Creating of transgenic animals (plasmid injections, CRISPR etc) is supported by Ann Geens. Ann is also responsible for our bio-statistics.


Core facilities at VIB

VIB hosts a number of service facilities that are also part of Core for Life, a Europe-wide initiative to exchange expertise and facitities.              

An overview can be found at: 


and at: 


Core facilities at KU Leuven

The group of Biomedical sciences at KU Leuven also hosts a number of core facilities available to our group.          

An overview is available at: